Our company has always been able to relate the qualified employee potential that is trained with advanced technology devices to providing service and producing formwork in a best way. With this characteristic, addressing to the sectors such as; automative, whiteappliances, armysindustry, general consumption products; our company has become a leader brand especially producing formwork to aerosol sector.

It can present endproduct service to its customers better thanks to ability to transform the formworks produced by itself into the plastic endproduct.
With lots of formwork producing to America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East having been popular all around the world; our company has always stood behind products and provided best service to our customers.

Our company which mainly carries on cosmetics sector, transforming its production to laboratory, becoming an integrated international agency provides service. Our company which hardens the competition conditions with its quality and flexibility, it has become a foregrounding place, it is decisive to hold the leadership by showing its difference in every field...
Having every kind of needed machine and equipment for the production of plastic injection; our company has the ability to produce via every kind of formwork and raw material. It has the power to realize 300 million pieces production in a year. Our company; exactly catching quality, speed and flexibility with high technology injection machines can easily direct its own production accordingly customers' requests and keep customer satisfaction at a maximum level with the presented choices. To trace the quality and provide continuity, our company perpetually makes new investments and becomes stronger.

The quality to to make production via raw materials such as; PP, PE, POM, PA, ABS, increases our product range. In recent years, our company that  accelerates its works especially to the aerosol sector and become specialized in this sector; owes its success, to its technology, innovative vision. Our company has provided its success to be inevitable and constant by canalizing this vision into its products.

By removing the borders,our brand reinforcing its place in the international arena has been developing beyond the expectations and also develops the sector.